Our Story


Karaama in Arabic means Miraculous event that happens to mankind; an impossible life changing event inexplicable by natural or scientific laws, therefore often attributed to divine interception.

The founder of the Karaama brand at the bleakest stage in his life overcame the most impossible of odds. After a very successful amateur boxing career with a fight record of only one defeat, life was in the fast lane and prospects were looking enviably good for him. But a sudden stroke of fate during a horrible road traffic incident, would force this fighter to quite literally fight for his own survival and existence. 

After 3 offers to shut down his life support machine and 18 life-critical operations, the loving father and husband astounded the most stubborn of sceptics and defied medical opinion.

Whilst in hospital 5 days after coming out of a coma he lost all his senses his vision was blurry, hearing and taste were disoriented, feelings were numb, the first sense that he regained was his smell and the first person he smelt was his wife who was cleaning and caring for him when he opened his eyes.

Not only surviving the ordeal, he relaunched himself into the world of fitness and muscular physique; this is what he came to describe as a Karaama. 

It became clear to him that this extraordinary and profound turning point in his life needed to be eternalised, as a mark of recognition and humility. So he embarked on founding the brand that would inspire others, act as symbol of triumph and victory for so many, an icon for those who acknowledge the momentous turning points in their lives. Coupled with this extraordinary experience and his intense passion for all things chic, with that being said the Karaama brand was born. 

Runu Miah