How to buy the Perfect Gift for a Loved one (Perfume)

If you’re choosing a gift for a loved one, you may not have considered buying them a scent. But there is no classier gift than perfume. It’s a lovely gesture to show that you’ve been thinking about what suits them, and you may just find something that tickles your fancy along the way, too.


Maybe you have tried to perfume shopping for a loved one in the past; and the fragrance didn't last long, they didn’t like the smell of the fragrance or overall the purchasing experience was tedious. Choosing a scent for someone else can sometimes be tricky; whereas we could wander around a beauty store and immediately gravitate to our personal preferences with a quick spritz sample, it’s hard to discern how a fragrance would be on the recipient of your gift.

There is a simple science to picking the perfect scent and here are a few points from Karaama to help buy the perfect gift:

  • Choosing Between "Parfum" and "Eau De Toilette"

Parfum is the strongest version of any scent, These scents are usually between 15 and 40% fragrance oil. As the highest fragrance concentration it is more than likely to last up to 8 hours. Thus parfum will demand the highest price.

An eau de toilette (EDT) fragrance is anything between 5 and 10% fragrance oil so are usually the cheaper option. This is a popular, people’s choice for an everyday scent. They tend to provide a lighter, fresher fragrance than an parfum and doesn't necessarily last all day long. It will normally last two to three hours and is considered by some as daywear - whilst Parfum is considered nightwear.


  • Consider the Whole Package..

When buying perfume for your beloved significant other, you should be looking for something that meets their personality, style and is a product they will actually wear. It's also important to consider your relationship whether that's also an appropriate gift for the occasion and duration of the relationship. For instance, if the perfume is for a woman who doesn't care much for beauty routines/rituals, 30ml of a fresh, earthy scent like White Oud,  that she can wear in the morning and throw in her hand bag is an ideal choice, while something more extravagant and bigger may be considered over the top.

Likewise if you happen to be shopping for someone younger or someone who hasn’t bought a perfume before, there's room to experiment with newer, trendier scents. These audiences are more excited and willing to try a fragrance they haven't smelled before compared to someone who has defined their personal style and signature scent. They will most likely be compelled to stick with what they know.

It is important to do your research and find out if the scent is as good as the packaging. A scent's notes aren't always explicitly visible on the packaging. So if you know what someone likes, be sure to search through the directory of notes. This can be done on websites such as 


  • When in Doubt, go with What's Popular.

Finally, If you are still unsure what you are looking for in a perfume then why not take a look at best selling perfumes. Remember that Bestsellers are a safe haven because, yes, they're popular, but also the more familiar someone is with a scent, the more open they might be when it comes to trying it for themselves. 

Some of the best sellers at Karaama are:

Diamond Oud 

Platinum Oud




We hope these tips make it easier to choose the perfect perfume as a gift for a loved one!!