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Choosing the right perfume concentration (EDP vs Parfum)

Choosing Between "Parfum" or "Eau De Parfum" or "Eau De Toilette"


There are top 3 categories of perfumes which are categorised by how much oil concentration is in the perfume, the more concentration of perfume oil it has will have longer performance and longevity overall. We will start listing the categories of perfume with the lowest category:

Eau de Toilet: This has perfume oil concentration, ranging from 5 -15% of perfume oil, this category of perfume can last anything from 2-4 hours, however some may last slightly longer depending on what brand and quality of the perfume oil. This is the most popular category, people’s choice for an everyday scent. They tend to provide a lighter, fresher fragrance than parfum categories.

Eau de Parfum: This category is the 2nd highest with perfume oil concentration, ranging from          15 -25% of perfume oil. The longevity of this category can last on average 6-8 hours onwards again depending on brand and quality of perfume oil 

Parfum: Which is also known as the Extrait that has the highest perfume oil concentration, which has 25% plus of perfume oil. 

The above 2 categories are produced by niche fragrance brands, however a lot of designer brands have started to produce EDP and Parfum


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