Zaynah - Karaama
Zaynah - Karaama
Zaynah - Karaama


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Top notes

Heart notes

Base notes

Wild Strawberry Leaves / Green Tangerine

Caramel Popcorn / Violets / Wild Strawberry / Pink Jasmine

Fresh Patchouli Leaves / Crystalline Musk


Zaynah comes from the heart of the Karaama brand, which means “Beautiful” in Arabic. The name Zaynah is of feminine nature and is the epitome of the female Karaama collection; encompassing all that makes a woman: captivating, exquisite, resplendent and mesmerising.


The top note of this fragrance boasts a culmination of sild strawberry eaves and green tangerine. Wild strawberry leaves, better known as Fragaria viscera, are a perennial herbaceous plant originating from the rose family, often found in the Northern Hemisphere through young woodlands in scarce areas and used sometimes as an herbal tea. It tantalises the senses with an ever so slight fruity smell and subtle sweet aroma. The heart note features caramel pop corns surrounded by violets, wild strawberry and beautiful pink jasmine. The base note is created of fresh patchouli leaves and crystalline musk, which originates from plants that emit musk deer like fragrance- a highly sought after ingredient and amongst the most expensive animal product in the world. This finishing base completes the perfume as a long-lasting, sensual and highly sophisticated fragrance- one that is unequivocally a miracle…

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