Diamond Oud - Karaama
Diamond Oud - Karaama
Diamond Oud - Karaama

Diamond Oud

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Woody / Oud

Warm Spicy

Fresh Spicy / Balsamic


Diamond Oud stands at the pinnacle of the Karaama brand oud fragrances. Much like the name implies, this fragrance is unique, complex and exquisite. The first of its kind, Diamond Oud brings together contemporary smells with a redolence of deep Arabian scents that are perfectly balanced. It stands as the absolute fragrance- suitable for both males and females.


The top note of this fragrance exuberates Agarwood oud, which is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. This special ingredient originates from Aquilara trees mainly in Southeast Asia, where they occasionally become infected with a parasite mould that then secretes a rich, fragrant, protective oil. It undergoes an immensely strenuous distillation process and is difficult to extract, which makes it a very expensive ingredient to acquire. This rich top note is followed by a blend of warm spicy smells in the heart note, which perfectly compliment the oud. These smells all sit in perfect harmony alongside a fresh spicy and balsamic base note, which is the fragrance that lasts the longest in this perfume. Diamond Oud is a fragrance that is the only one of its kind; supreme and quite simply, the quintessence of finesse…


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